Testemunho Hana Krsul (Estágio Curricular)

Hana Krsul

The internship at Big Experience was an interesting learning experience and I appreciate the opportunity. One day I want to work in HR so this was the perfect place to have my internship at. The tasks that were given to me were intriguing, challenging and allowed me to show my potential.

I am most grateful for the people who played a big role in making this internship such a positive experience. Nelia, Rita and Paulo were there for me every step of the way, sharing their knowledge and making sure they were offering me the best internship possible. Despite the circumstances of the pandemic they have managed to give me an engaging and dynamic experience and I appreciate the few times I was able to go to the office. In addition, I was their first non Portuguese speaking intern which in no way affected the quality and I am thankful that they were able to provide everything in English.

Finally, I will always look back on this internship with fondness and gratitude for the knowledge and support that Big Experience has given me.

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